KKM Krav Maga Introduction
KKM Krav Maga’s close-combat tactics consist of techniques that are not meant for starting a fight but for surviving and avoiding dangerous or even life-threatening situations. 

The goal of training is not for performance purposes, but to be able to respond immediately to a threatening situation.  

KKM training is a unique KKM system designed to learn self-defense and survival skills in a short period of time. 

The ultimate goal of training is to maximize the chances of survival by either escaping the situation or by overpowering the opponent by any means necessary in the event of an attack or threat.

Continuous training with the KKM program will greatly help improve your physical strength and gain confidence in your ability to cope with dangerous situations.

KKM Korea Krav Maga Association is spreading an intriguing and practical new sports culture by providing KKM’s programs for self-defense and physical strength improvement to the general public, and by providing practical training methods suitable for the missions of the military or special institutions.

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Chairman Ku Bon-Geun of KKM (ERIC KU)

KKM was founded in 2013 by Chairman Ku Bon-Geun.
Chairman Ku Bon-Geun, is a former special forces martial instructor and is the first Asian to receive Krav Maga’s expert course certification from Israel’s National Sports Institute.

He developed the KKM KU SYSTEM, which allows students to learn the best close combat skills while adapting to the varying situations of the general public, police force, soldiers, and others by systematically developing and re-establishing their own systems using their experiences and skills.

In 2012, KKM Foundation, Korea Krav Maga Association was established for the first time in the field of KKM in accordance with Article 32 of the Civil Act and Article 4 of the Rules on the Establishment and Supervision of Non-profit Corporations under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Cultural Heritage Administration. 

Currently, KKM is focusing on disseminating KKM’s advanced technique to each institution and to the general public worldwide. 

The KKM Korea Krav Maga Association, a divisional corporation, is making every effort to inform and educate the world by spreading the KKM program, which includes the world’s best close-combat system and technique, as well as an effective fitness improvement program.

KKM is the only organization that studies and incorporates the Republic of Korea’s close-combat and self-defense techniques.

A brief history

• Chairman of the KKM Korea Krav Maga Association
• Representative of Close Combat Research Institute
• Vice-president of the Korean Confederation of Martial Arts
• Completed the Krav Maga expert course program at Israel’s National Institute of Sports            Education
• Special Forces Reserve Sergeant
• Special Forces Killing Technician 
• Established a Formal Business Agreement with Special Warfare Command
• Special Forces KKM Technique Transfer
• Special Forces 707 Special Rental KKM Technical Training
• Technical training of the KKM for the Special Military Police Corps.

• Technical training for marine police commandos
• Eight years of Special Forces Special Forces Instructor
• Eight years instructor of special forces killing technology
• Eight years Senior Officer of the Special Forces Mechanical Planning Team
• Eight years of Special Forces Sniper Instructor
• 10 years of drill for offshore salvage
• Nine years of Military Jump Master
• Ten years of water safety lifeguard instructor
• Eight years of mountain-climbing (rock-wall training) instructor
• Completed South Korea-U.S. joint announcement operation
• Eight years Senior Officer of the National Major Secret Service Operations Operations Team.
• Carried out security missions to Iraq

• Officer of the South Korea-U.S. Combined Security Operations Operations Team in Kurdistan, a career in martial arts
• 2004 Special Forces 1st Airborne Brigade Special Service Instructor
• Demonstration instructor for special official training for the Armed Forces Day event marking the 57th anniversary of the Armed Forces Day in 2005 (presidential presence)
• 2006 Special Warfare Command Supervised Special Warfare Command Pilot Training Officer (Special Warfare Commander Lim Suk)
• Demonstration instructor for special official training for Armed Forces Day, the 61st anniversary of the Armed Forces Day in 2007 (presidential presence)
• Pilot instructor of the Zaytun Division, Iraq, 2007
(Military Commander,Army Commander,Iraq)
• Demonstration instructor for special public service to commemorate the establishment of Unit 2037 of the Armed Forces Intelligence Command in 2008
(Information Commander Lim Suk)
• Demonstration instructor of special forces invited to China’s Party Secretary in 2008
• 2009 Special Forces Death Technology Pilot (KBS 9 o’clock news broadcast)
• Demonstration instructor for special official training for the Armed Forces Day, the 61st anniversary of the Armed Forces Day in 2009 (President’s appointment)
• ROK-US Combined Forces Command Pilot Training Officer
• Demonstration instructor for special public service for the 8th U.S. Army Invitation Event
• Establish a pilot plan for major events in Korea and 70 instructors

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