KKM Franchise Benefits

KKM Krav Maga Association Headquarters is located in South Korea.

It is responsible for overall support of both the national and international KKM franchise centers.

The headquarters will provide everything you need to run a successful franchise.

Training Division

Products Division

Design Division

Marketing Division

Seminar Division

Online Division

KKM Krav Maga Franchise Benefits

⇒ Instructor Refresher Training twice a year

⇒ Instructor Training Videos

⇒ Center Operation Manual Support

⇒ Support for a variety of training curriculam

⇒ Franchise Type Configuration

⇒ Operating a Seminar

⇒ Protection of commercial districts

⇒ Authorization to use BI and trademark rights

⇒ Eligible to use the official KKM Products

⇒ Association Marketing Support

⇒ Center Marketing Manual Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the instructor training?

The training period is one month

How much is the KKM Franchise Course fee?

The course fee depends on the different types of the KKM Franchise.

KKM Kids Franchise Course
$500 w/ monthly payment

KKM Original Franchise Course
$1200 w/ monthly payment

Where can I get the KKM products?

The products are shipped directly from New Jersey where KKM USA Division is located.

Can I use the KKM logo?

Yes, of course.

All franchise members of the KKM Krav Maga Association can use the official KKM logos.

KKM specific brand logos are available in all areas including signboards, banners, and etc.

Where can I buy KKM products?

You can purchase KKM official uniforms, patches, etc. on the online education website product page.

I have a question to join the KKM member service, can I leave a question?

Of course, the person in charge will be able to answer quickly if you use the “Member Inquiry” button.

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