KKM Self Defense Full Course

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$19 per 30 days / month

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1.Krav maga is a product that contains the entire process of self-defense.

2.It consists of 121 units, including self-defense basic, level 1, level 2, and level 3.

3.You can watch this course for 30 days after purchase.

free video:

Grab – Arm lock #2-Shoulder

Defend against Knife to Throat- Turn Take a Knife – Neck front #1

Hand Gun Disarming- Elbow Snap and lock #2

Is your day safe?

KKM University’s self-defense course provides the technology to quickly and effectively cope with all the dangerous situations that can happen in your daily life.


Someone is threatening you at gun point from behind

kkm krav maga online corse


An opponent stronger than me is choking me

kkm krav maga online corse


Someone is trying to harm me after breaking into my house

kkm krav maga online corse


In a really dangerous situation, sometimes it is more effective to be on the offensive first.


Someone is trying to attack you with a stick

Examples of some of the things you will learn:

kkm krav maga online corse

How to defend yourself against a knife threat by simple yet effective techniques

kkm krav maga online corse

How to defend yourself against a stick attack with easy-to-learn methods

kkm krav maga online corse

How to defend and counter attack your armed opponent simultaneously

Anyone Can Learn!

You can follow along easily from the comfort of your home with a friend or family member.

Boost Your Confidence!

kkm krav maga online corse

Enrolling in KKM University and learning a variety of skills can increase your confidence and give you a peace of mind as you are able to better protect yourself and your loved ones.
You can use these skills in your daily life when needed and your friends will want to learn too!

Consistency is Key

Simple, effective yet fun video courses are made just for you!

Learn at your own pace and at your own time!

Practice consistently and watch yourself improve with each lesson!


KKM UNIVERSITY strives to provide creative and various video courses for your learning pleasure!
We are always rooting for your success!

Precautions for Online Product Purchase

  • The online course may be withdrawn (canceled) within seven days from the date of purchase or availability. However, withdrawal of subscription is restricted if it is used or used when requesting withdrawal of subscription.
  • In principle, the online course you purchased is valid for one month, and after this period, the user loses the license to that online course.
    However, for an online course with a separate period of use for your purchase, the period of use specified at the time of purchase will be subject to the period of use specified at the time of purchase.
  • After purchase, viewing the curriculum that belongs to the online course will be considered to have used the online course and will restrict the withdrawal of subscriptions (cancellation).
  • If the refund conditions are met, the refund will be refunded except for the payment fee (PayPal, Credit Card).
  • This video is protected by intellectual property rights of the kkm university, and illegal video recording and distribution are prohibited.

8 reviews for KKM Self Defense Full Course

  1. allsunday

    great instruction, conveys information clearly. The only thing is I would need a partner to spar with to really get the best benefit of the video and unfortunately i have no one else interested in martial arts training nearby

  2. Phil Berrie

    Very informative and easy to follow

  3. k.bill

    very well explained in laymans terms, great course!

  4. Yasi

    This course is very simple and a fast way to learn self defense I would like to see an audio explanation of the techniques to make it easier for someone with no experience to understand just the same it is a good course The audio could be added in the slow motion part of the demonstrations

  5. UniquePro

    Excellent course. I’ve learned a lot of techniques without going to the gym. I can now walk on the streets with confidence and without fear!! I would definitely recommend anyone to buy this course because you get very valuable information for the least amount of money that’s great.

  6. Athanasios

    Great !

  7. Gus Hosein

    Great pace of teaching.

  8. Sarp Yenici

    Very knowledgeable instructor. Shows proper technique

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